A Reading of The New Colossus by E.J. Meehan

I'll be in a public reading of A New Colossus by E.J. Meehan on

September 15, 2018, 7p
at The Baumann
41 Varick Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Directed by Irene Lazaridis

$5 suggested donation at the door. RSVP here!

About The New Colossus

A deconstruction of modern American mythology, The New Colossus follows four storylines, each orbiting around the figure of Superman. It weaves together a mourning brother and sister, a superhero and his alter ego, a barren wasteland where the past doesn't seem to exist, a national uprising, an atomic bomb, and the construction of a new statue. As the storylines interweave, the collective fiction that binds our world together starts to come into conflict with reality, threatening to destroy the whole structure. But how far are those on top willing to go to retain their authority, and will anything be left behind?